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What is a sample in textile? Describe different types of samples.

Md. Apel Hossain11:47:00 PM

Sample in textile

A sample in textile is a product that represents a group of products or lots or batches to determine their quality, style or design, or any other feature of the product. Based on the samples, the buyer will approve or comment on any changes in design or style, or quality. Samples in textiles will reflect the quality and workmanship of the exporter or manufacturer. Samples are made in a specific order to get the desired style design or fit and good quality. Samples can be made before the start of production or taken from the finished product. Separate samples are to be made for each order or style. Samples in textile help collect or receive orders from the buyer. In a certain order, samples are made at different stages to ensure that all parameters are maintained correctly. A good sample in textile makes the first good idea for the buyer of the exporter or manufacturer. Special care should be taken when sample making.




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